A Word on Writing

I am wary of taking the advice of established authors purely because I feel that everybody creates in their own way. True there are certain paths to success in terms of creating a stand-out story or highly relatable characters but I am speaking more about the process of writing itself. For years I have felt that my process must be wrong because it seemed so different to the way other, more seasoned writers created. I felt I must not be talented enough or I must not have that essential spark that writers need to elevate themselves from the mere mundane to the upper echelons of greatness.

However, my confidence has grown of late and I have decided that all this is really just my insecurities talking. I have come to realise that much as I needed to find my own voice when it came to my writing I also needed to accept that my way of writing is okay. It doesn’t have to gel or have anything in common with your way of writing or even the writing of an award-winning novelist. Too long I remained stuck because I was afraid to really just believe that I could write anything that others might find worthy to read. I devoured the words of others jealous of their talent while neglecting my own. But slowly the fear and envy fell away.

So now everyday I write. Sometimes a little. Sometimes a lot. I don’t worry about first or second drafts or take too long to ponder every word and sentence. I write for the pleasure it gives me and the joy I get from just allowing myself to create. If someone else likes it I am delighted but I’m okay if it’s just for me. I love the feeling of the words flowing from me. I don’t have to be great…I don’t even have to be very good but I do need to remain true to my style and my process.

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