Everything tastes better than skinny feels…

Kate Moss was once quoted as saying ‘nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.’ Naturally this created a huge backlash for its suggestion that food is the devil and we should ignore its siren’s call in our quest for the ultimate bikini body. We seem to have forgotten that food is there to nourish us and keep us alive. Food has become demonised in the modern mind-set. There is too much negativity around eating and how we eat and why we eat. Food has become a devil and a saint with different vegtables and fruit being either deified or demonised each week.

Kate’s ill-thought out comment often springs to my mind when I take that first bite of toast lathered in melted butter or cheese dripping off the sides of a crusty pizza base. But I have the opposite feeling to Ms. Moss; everything takes better than skinny feels. My mouth has to constantly apologise to my figure. Even as I write this I can feel my stomach yawning and asking what yummy deliciously carb-loaded things can we get to eat today?

My downfall in life is cheese…and bread…that’s why pizza is my top takeaway option as it combines my two favourite food groups. I could literally eat just bread and cheese all day everyday. There are so many combinations; pizza, toasted cheese sandwiches, slices of cheese on fresh buttered bread (baked that morning for extra yumminess)…oh I could go on and on. I am actually making myself deliriously hungry now. My ideal day would be cream cheese on a bagel for breakfast, a doorstep bread toastie for lunch and pizza for dinner (with cheese covered garlic bread as a side order). And yes I could actually eat this same menu everyday… I mean I’ve never actually tried but I’m fairly certain I could.

Food is the bread (and cheese) of life. Sometimes, in our calorie-obsessed world, we forget that. We forget we literally need to eat to survive. Granted some of us do over-indulge – I raise my hand quite high for that one. But perhaps if we didn’t see food as the enemy maybe we could develop a more healthy relationship with it. Our grandparents likely didn’t see food in the same way we do as food was a necessity not a luxury to be indulged in when the chains of dieting became too tight.

We have more options than ever available to us now and that does mean we have to make choices and it can be hard to make the healthy choice. However, if we go back to basics – bread, cheese, veg, fruit, meat…we would probably be doing alright. There is too much talk of cutting out this or that. So I don’t cut out anything! Now I’m off to have some breakfast – cream cheese bagel anyone?

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